List of products by brand Takapara

Takapara, a colorful and entertaining Polish brand, was born and produces all its models in the town of Łódź, a city known for its long and successful textile history. 

Oriented towards design and attention to detail, this brand shows its nature strarting from its name: reproduced using the particular Strzemiński alphabet (a famous avant-garde painter of the early 1900s), it has three possible translations! 

APAIR, UNCOUPLE (A COUPLE) and ADRIVINGFORCE: these terms refer to the originality of the collection, which allows everyone to wear different socks, and to the spirit of the brand, which urges everyone to dare, to go beyond the limit to express their personality to the fullest.

Takapara socks are characterized by beautiful geometric patterns and modern and pop colors, combined with truly amazing results: suitable for men and women, they will give a burst of energy to every outfit!