List of products by brand Stance

Taken directly from the streets of California, our Stance socks mix various cultures and styles: used as official NBA brand, Stance is our first choice for those who love sports and color aboce all!  

In fact, this famous company produces socks thinking not only of basketball players, but also runners and motocross fans, mixing art and comfort at the same time: a truly unique combination!
With no discounted subject, our collection is aimed at men and women.

Stance has contributed to change the perception of "socks" on the market: high quality fabrics and new outfits, all based on the use of these accessories which are too often underestimated.
The company has succeeded in transforming socks into a fun and exciting complement, creating also an artistic movement of "socks addicted”.

Choose your pair of Stance and strike everyone’s attention: if you are a woman you can dare wearing socks with heels… the secret is to resume the color in your outfit! If you’re a man, you can certainly add a touch of red when you wear a moccasin! 

Stance socks are not for everyone: they are meant to be worn only by the real Punks & Poets, by those who want to be different!

Check our collection and try to imagine your outfit: you won’t be able to stop buying these socks!